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Imam Susanto
is a Web Developer


I'm working on new next generation Influencer Platform. With self-hosted capability and distributed sync database.

I enjoy dedicating my days to advancing web technology, crafting interactive web playgrounds, and curating a digital garden where I gather insights, learnings, and thoughts. In addition, I maintain a blog, where I share further reflections, discoveries, and experiences related to my journey in technology and development.


  • C Channel Indonesia


    • CTO from
    • Principal Web Developer from
  • PT Media Makmur


    • Full Stack Web Developer from
    • Front End Web Developer at


  • Lemon Platform

    All in One Influencer Marketing platform for Brands and Agencies. Launched at

    Technology Stack

    • Laravel
    • Vue
    • Quasar
    • Filament
  • Kawaii Beauty Japan

    Magazine style website to provide information for Indonesian Women. Launched at

    Technology Stack

    • Laravel
    • Filament