Imam Susanto


Interdisciplinary full‑stack web developer who can handle end‑to‑end aspect in product design, development, operations, and data.

More about me

Software Stack

These are my preferred stack and tools I'm confident working on.

  • Laravel
    PHP Framework
  • Inertia JS
    SPA Approach
  • Vue JS 2/3
    JS Framework
  • Tailwind CSS
    CSS Framework
  • Quasar Framework
    Hybrid Mobile Framework
  • Vite / Webpack
  • Docker
  • Laravel Forge
    Server Management
  • DigitalOcean
    VPS Provider
  • Netlify / Vercel
    Deployment Platform
  • Google Analytics
    Analytics Service
  • Metabase / Redash
    Business Intelligence Tool
  • Figma
    Design Tool

Other Profiles

You can find me in other social media here.